Employee Career Development Is Good Business

Employers often say that they can't find good people. While certain skills may be in higher demand than others, this statement overlooks the key fact that employers already have a lot of good...

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Booming education sector creates opportunities in alternative investments across the Middle East

Education sector is leading the way as an increased number of real estate investors, developers and builders seek ‘alternative investments’ to diversify their portfolios The total school age...

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Communications & PRLeadership

Top 5 Soft Skills Gaps and How to Overcome Them

Soft skills are one of the hottest topics in the human resource and business community, and rightly so. Mastery of these skills increases the chance for professional success. If you want to grow...

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Design Thinking: A Company’s DNA

Design thinking is not a new concept, but it is finally catching on in the business world. The concept—a methodology that helps users identify human-centered problems and implement innovative solutions...

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BusinessReal Estate

Building Services – The Key to Better Construction Project Performance

Glenn Hawkins talks about Building Services and how they are crucial for better construction and building performance.

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4 Rules for Optimizing the ROI of Sales Training

Millions of dollars are spent each year training sales reps, yet many of those sales reps are not actually meeting quota once the training is complete. Sales enablement leaders can address this challenge...

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