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How the Media Industry can regain its influence in today’s Social Media world

I recently had an email exchange with a colleague in the PR industry here in Dubai on the issue of the communications industry and how to develop. I asked, what do we need to do better to make the...

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Accountants, Why Are You Still Multitasking?

As the web, mobile devices, and a myriad of other technological wonders become increasingly integrated into our lives, it gets harder and harder to concentrate on any single item. Everywhere you look, you...

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The 3 issues today’s crisis comms professional needs to tackle

It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that the world is changing, and with it the way that crises develop. I was listening to a very engaging podcast by the Gulf News business team, with communications...

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Do bitcoins really matter for brands?

What is Bitcoin? It is a “decentralized” Virtual Currency which is distributed, open source & math based peer to peer Cryptocurrency. In simpler words, a new mechanism of digital transactions in...

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4 Ways You Can Be Better Than Dr. Google—and Improve the Patient Experience

Have you heard of Dr. Google? Your patients have. She is one of the most famous doctors on the planet. Almost every one of your patients consults with her before they contact you. Dr. Google only performs...

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3 fabulous Facebook marketing tips

One of the biggest reasons marketers are giving up on Facebook is that they are continuously failing to get Facebook targeting right. A big part of this has to do with the ignorance that plagues the...

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